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Anything better than photographing a newborn? Yes! Photographing twin newborns

May 7, 2011

The Curtis Twins – Their home, Puyallup, WA

We had the pleasure of doing the portraits for Rodney and Sarah’s beautiful 4-day old twin boys. That’s right. They were only 4 days old!

The twins were wide awake and very active the entire time. This provided for a unique dynamic working with not only one but two active newborns. It was challenging to capture both boys at the same time but they were super troopers. Considering they were only 4 days old and used to being in a more enclosed/swaddled like position, they did great.

Everyone loves baby feet. We even heard there were requests for pictures of them. So, it just seemed appropriate to make it the teaser pic. And in true twin fashion, they both had the same pose!

The parents were awesome and accommodating through the whole process. The boys were so damn cute and the family had so much fun. Lots of love, laughs and smiles were had by all.

More of the Curtis twins portrait session can be found soon on our website at TiffanyRobert Photography.

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